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E-mail orders follow the same steps listed below, but use the convenient e-mail order form (or "Comments" e-mail) provided on our root page. Also see the heading "E-MAIL ORDERS" below for more helpful hints..


1. List the title and author, note the "quantity" of each item, and total the cost of the whole order.

Please use a pen if not ordering electronically. Print as legibly as you can for all areas that you fill out.

2. Add postage and handling as indicated on the chart below. All values in Canadian funds (Canadians add an additional 7% for GST).


		Up to $30      $30.01-$60      $60.01-$90      Over $90
Canada		  $7.95           $9.95          $11.95          10%
U.S.		  $10.95          $11.95         $12.95          14%
Others		  $13.95          $16.95         $19.95          27%	

3.Include payment by Cheque, Money Order, Visa, or MasterCard.


Catalogue prices are listed in Canadian funds. Thus, for foreign customers (paying in U.S funds with a U.S. credit card, check or money order), our prices are actually much lower than they appear in the catalogue. The U.S. dollar gives you between a 30-37+% reduction on the prices in our catalogue. The actual reduction in cost depends on the exchange rate for the day in which you make your purchase. As a foreign customer, using Visa or MasterCard, you will see the exact amount saved because of the favorable exchange rate, reflected on your monthly credit card statement (in the currency of your country) - though our receipt to you (which will be included with you order) will still appear in Canadian funds. For Americans using credit cards, this amounts to (approximately) an additional 35% off our listed Canadian prices (as of Feb./02). When paying by Check or Money Order (in US funds), use the "US Amount Enclosed" section of our order form to total your order. In this case, you may deduct 30% directly from your order (to offset the exchange rate). Keep in mind you save even more if you use your credit card!


Though we provide an easy to fill out e-mail order form, it may be easier to use the regular e-mail format (that you would use to send us comments). Using the comments e-mail means that you can keep your e-mail open as you browse through our pages and easily cut and paste any items that you would like to order.

Also, keep in mind that E-mail is not a totally secure environment and we are not responsible for the transfer (or security) of electronic data (including credit card numbers). If you do not feel safe in electronically transferring your card number, you may provide payment for orders with either your credit card (by voice [phone], fax, or mail) or by cheque or MO via the postal service . If you decide to send your credit card number with the e-mail order you do so at your own risk.

When you are not sending your credit card number with the e-mail order we will need to know your name, address, order amount and phone number when you do contact us to make payment (for e-mail orders previously sent). It is helpful if you let us know on your order that you plan to forward payment (if it is not included) so that we do not think that you just forgot.

For credit card payments include the card number, the expiry date, and the name on the card. If we already have your credit card number just let us know that you authorize us to use it for your e-mail order.


please have all the following items ready before you call to place your order: either your Visa or MasterCard number, the expiry date on the card, the name on the card, a list of the items ordered (with the quantity and cost of each item), and your address. May you be blessed by your studies!


are good for the period noted on the cover or until you receive an updated catalogue. All items available in our previous catalogue (which was marked good to the end of 1995) are still available and will remain available until we send you our upcoming listing of everything we offer. Pricing in this update takes precedent over all other prices when they are listed in more than one catalogue. This often gives you a lower price. If you are unsure if pricing has changed because your catalogue is out-dated, you may want to do one of the two following things:

A. Send in the order at the prices listed on your edition of the catalogue and let us make any necessary adjustments (by either sending you a credit [if you overpaid], or by billing you for any underpayment); or,

B. Contact us so that we can send you an updated catalogue. As we are subject to price increases from outside sources, prices are subject to change without notice, though this rarely happens.


We ship all orders the day after they are received (for items in stock) whenever humanly possible. We place all backorders at the earliest possible date, though receipt of these items is sometimes delayed. Many reasons for this exist, including books being reprinted, customs delays, delays from suppliers, broken master tapes, etc. So please keep in mind that we are committed to getting your orders into your hands as soon as possible, but sometimes delays result which are out of our control. Customers outside of Canada please allow extra time for delivery (because of customs, delivery distances, etc.).


No returns, except on defective merchandise. All returns must be pre-authorized. Unauthorized returns will not be recognized or returned to the sender without further postage remitted. Please note that on rare occasions you will find a tape that is slightly truncated (shortened), but because of the importance of the message we have left these tapes on our list. This usually only involves a short section at the end of the tape and does not materially affect the message.


We have searched through history and throughout the globe to bring you the finest in Christian scholarship. We also gratefully acknowledge all the help that we have received from our customers in alerting us to a substantial amount of good material - much of which we were previously unaware of. We are always on the lookout for additional useful material (old and rare books, sermons, tracts, etc.) to add to our list. This is especially true in regard to books that are over 100 years old. If you have access to such rare tomes, and you think they might be useful to the body of Christ, please let us know by dropping us a note and giving any particulars of the item or items in question. You may also want to send a photo copy or (if you really want to be helpful) send the actual book. But, unless you do not mind that we keep this material, we suggest that you first send a letter describing the item(s). Much of this material will be considered for future publication by Still Waters Revival Books, but, because of the volume of mail we receive, we cannot promise to answer every letter that you send us. Thanks again for your help!


Most of these books are unavailable outside of this format and are much sought after by Christian scholars and other serious students of scripture. Many of these items have not been in print for a hundred years or more – sometimes much more! Most would cost from two to 10 times (or more) the price that we offer them to you – if they could even be located at all – through rare book dealers. Enormous spiritual growth and great enjoyment of God is to be found in these high quality photocopied works. These rare tomes often unlock spiritual truths hidden from general view since the time of the Reformation. "Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths..." (Jer. 6:16). They can transport you into the minds of some of the Lord’s greatest warriors and help equip you to become a sharp instrument in the hand of the Lord – preparing the soil for the halcyon days of future Christian victory that Scripture foretells (cf. Ezek. 47:1-12, Isa 2:2-4; 56-66, Matt. 13:31-33, Rom. 11, etc.). These books are bound with black cerlox spiral bindings (though all titles are now available in HARDCOVER bindings also, see description below). They are very easy to work with, as they open fully and sit flat – which is especially helpful when you are adding notes or working with them on a flat surface. Additionally, most people would not write notes in books of such great value, but because we offer these photocopied editions at such reasonable (i.e. low) prices, this is not a problem, and the books can be thoroughly annotated for maximum enjoyment and spiritual growth. Some of our customers have even mentioned how they now prefer these photocopied editions to the more common paperback and hardback books (because of their ease of use). The covers (of the REGULAR RARE "CERLOX" BOUND PHOTOCOPIES) are made from 73lb. colored card stock (making them attractive and durable) and the text is printed on 20lb. bond (acid free) white paper. This format, combining so many advantages to the reader, offers the potential for personal, national, and international Reformation (D.V.) that has not been seen for some time. We hope that you will take advantage of this situation, brought about by the combination of some fairly recent technologies, and use these books to the utmost of God’s glory!

HARDCOVER PHOTOCOPIES (what they are and how to order)

Our new line of HARDCOVER PHOTOCOPIES utilizes the Unibind system. They contain the same information as our regular "rare (cerlox) bound photocopies" (described above) – but, in HARDCOVER, offer the advantages of greater durability, ease of book recognition (because the title and author is printed on the spine) and ease of storage (as they stand upright). On titles that are photocopied with two book pages filling the face of each 8.5 X 11 (inch) sheet the text runs parallel to the spine. A number of the titles that we have selected to place in our new line of HARDCOVER PHOTOCOPIES are considered Calvinistic classics – the best of the best of Reformed thinking! These handsome and durable covers not only enhance the look of these fine tomes, but they will help make it possible for your information investment to be handed down from generation to generation! "A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children" (Prov. 13:22).


When ordering photocopied books please BE SURE TO SPECIFY whether you want the HARDCOVER (HP) or REGULAR (P) photocopy edition, otherwise we will send you the cheaper REGULAR "RARE (CERLOX) BOUND" (P) PHOTOCOPY EDITION.


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