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Heavy Stuff

Links to all 90 SWRB CDs related to our new 3 for 1 CD SUPER SALE (LIMITED TIME OFFER).




 - The Works of George Gillespie by George Gillespie
 - A Dispute Against English Popish Ceremonies by George Gillespie
 - The Presbyterian's Armoury by George Gillespie, Samuel Rutherford,  David Calderwood and John Brown of Wamphray
 - A Hind Let Loose by A Lover of Liberty (Alexander Shields)
 - Lex, Rex or The Law and the Prince by Samuel Rutherford
 - A Free Disputation Against Pretended Liberty of Conscience by Samuel  Rutherford
 - Act, Declaration, And Testimony, For The Whole Of The Covenanted Reformation,
As Attained To, And Established In, Britain and Ireland; Particularly
Betwixt The Years 1638 and 1649, Inclusive. As, Also, Against All the
Steps of Defection From Said Reformation, Whether in Former or
Later Times, Since the Overthrow Of That Glorious Work, Down to This
Present Day (1876)
by the Reformed Presbytery
 - Auchensaugh Renovation of the National Covenant and Solemn League and Covenant;
with the Acknowledgement of Sins and Engagement to
Duties as they were Renewed at Auchensaugh in 1712... Also the Renovation
of These Public Federal Deeds Ordained at Philadelphia, Oct. 8, 1880,
By the Reformed Presbytery, With Accommodation of the Original Covenants,
in Both Transactions, to their Times and Positions
Respectively (1880 ed.)
by the Reformed Presbytery
 - The Testimony of Some Persecuted Presbyterian Ministers by James  Renwick
 - The Due Right of Presbyteries or a Peaceable Plea for the Government
of the Church of Scotland... (1644)
by Samuel Rutherford
 - The Divine Right of Church Government and Excommunication:
A Peaceable Dispute for the Perfection of the Holy Scripture in Point of Ceremonies
and Church Government in which the Removal of the Service Book is Justified...
(Facsimile, 1646, also contains: _Scandal and Christian Libertie_)

by Samuel Rutherford
 - The Divine Right of Church Government (Jus Divinum Regiminis  Ecclesiastici) by Sundry Ministers of London
 - Dogmatic Theology by W.G.T. Shedd
 - Romans by W.G.T. Shedd
 - A Fresh Suit Against Human Ceremonies in God's Worship by William  Ames
 - The Church of Christ by James Bannerman
 - Institutes of Elenctic Theology by Francis Turretin (Vol. 1,2 or 3, $44.95 each)
 - The Doctrine of Justification by James Buchanan
 - Exclusive Psalmody by Greg Price
 - Hermeneutical Manual: or, Introduction to the Exegetical Study of the  Scriptures of the New Testament by Patrick Fairbairn

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