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Reformation Worship

Links to all 90 SWRB CDs related to our new 3 for 1 CD SUPER SALE (LIMITED TIME OFFER).




  - Foundation for Reformation: The Regulative Principle of Worship  by Greg Price
 - Family Worship: Biblical Basis, Historical Reality, Current Need  by Kerry Ptacek
 - Biblical Worship by Kevin Reed
 - Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep It Holy by Greg Price
 - The Songs of Zion: A Contemporary Case for Exclusive Psalmody  by Michael Bushell
 - Exclusive Psalmody by Greg Price
 - Family Worship by Greg Price
 - The Meaning and Mode of Baptism by Jay Adams ($4.93)
 - Concerning Close Communion by W.J. McKnight
 -A Warning Against Backsliding, False Worship  and False Teachers by John Flavel  formerly titled "Antipharmacum  Saluberrimum: Or, A Serious and Seasonable Caveat to all Saints in the  Hour of Temptation" (Works of the John Flavel, volume 4, London,  1820.)
 - Pictures of Christ and Idolatry by Greg Price
 - War Against the Idols: The Reformation of Worship from Erasmus  to Calvin by Carlos M.N. Eire
 - Instrumental Music in the Worship of God: Commanded or  Not Commanded? by G.I. Williamson
 - A Puritan Reformed Discussion of Holy Days by Greg Barrow
 - Psalms in Worship by John McNaugher
 - Worship: The Regulative Principle in Scripture and History  by Reg Barrow ($.25)
 - Instrumental Music in the Public Worship of the Church  by John Girardeau
 - The Communicant's Companion by Matthew Henry
 - Instrumental Music in Public Worship by Greg Price
 - Infant Baptism as Covenant Keeping by Greg Price
 - Anarchy in Worship by James Begg
 - How Best to Secure a Return to the Use of the Psalms  in the Ordinance of Praise by S.R. M'Neilly
 - Some Comments for Those Who Attend Idolatrous Worship  by Knox, Burgess, and Philpot ($.25)
 - An Admonition to Flee Idolatry, Romanism and All False Worship (1554).  by John Knox. (This letter, originally titled "A Godly Letter of Warning or  Admonition..." is also found in the Selected Writing of John Knox  and has been edited to reflect contemporary spelling, punctuation,  and grammar. This valuable hardcover also contains numerous other exceptional letters by Knox).
 - Of Separation from Corrupt Churches ($.25)
 - A Dispute Against English Popish Ceremonies by George Gillespie
 - The Presbyterian's Armoury by George Gillespie, Samuel Rutherford,  David Calderwood and John Brown of Wamphray

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